Take a Fairtrade step in 2013

take-a-step fairtrade 20132013 means taking a step for Fairtrade and joining and showing support for fair and ethically traded products. It`s about us consumers being more aware of what we are buying. It`s about ensuring that producers get paid a fair amount for their products and that their working conditions and education and health are looked after to a standard which we all normally take for granted. Taking just a small Fairtrade step in 2013 like changing to Fairtrade coffee in the morning, or buying Fairtrade cooking ingredients and wine the next time you have a dinner party, or purchasing Fairtrade clothing instead of your usual brands has a positive impact – talk to your work colleagues and friends and see what they think and spread the word. You can even get involved in the upcoming Fairtrade fortnight events near to you. Your small step WILL make a difference. For more information about taking a Fairtrade step, and to register your own steps for others to view visit www.fairtrade.org.uk We at IC247 fully support fair and ethical trading ideals, visit www.ethicaltradeonline.com for lots of Fair and Ethically Traded products.


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