Live stream internet TV advertising

broadcast advertising ic247How we watch TV is changing and with worldwide access to new markets, live stream internet TV advertising is fast becoming the most cost effective way to promote your brand, products and services.


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Fully interactive advertising on quality live stream broadcast productions including:


Banners with your corporate image/logo as overlays on featured live stream broadcasts

Promotional Video interaction in the event breaks

Live chat interaction with the audience

Website links shared

Facebook, Twitter, AIM and Myspace interaction (chat, share, likes, dislikes, retweets)

Youtube and Vimeo post-broadcast video advertising


Pre-broadcast promotion

Banners and videos advertising your products and service portfolio set up on the live stream website pages of ALL IC247 websites  including event holder, participants, main portal (click examples below)

example 1 example 2 example 3

Banners and promo videos added to the live stream player showing images, audio/visual and graphics from your portfolio as content (see player below)


Live stream player, weblinks, banners and videos added to interactive newsletter and emailed to over 200000 live stream fans worldwide (see example below)

Kids concert newsletter example


Live stream player, weblinks, banners and videos shared on all associated Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress pages, profiles, events, calenders

Live stream broadcast (and therefore all associated advertising) featured as “Upcoming broadcast” on top streaming platforms including Ustream, YoutubeLIVE, Veetle, Freedocast


Interactive live broadcast promotion

Live chat interaction – direct contact with worldwide audiences

Live Facebook, Twitter, AIM and Myspace interaction

Banners with your corporate image and logos as overlays on the live broadcast

Advertising videos integrated in broadcast breaks

Live interviews in broadcast breaks

“Shout outs” from performers


Post broadcast promotion

Your corporate image with logo and contact details as banners on featured interactive interactive video edits (Example Davos Festival video edit below)


Davos Festival 1/5 – young artists in concert from Davos Festival on Vimeo.


Links to your websites shared on ALL event associated websites and social media accounts, profiles, pages

Complete live stream broadcast data available for your records (depending on copyright restrictions)



With proven results, clicks and viewers in their thousands and broadcasting top quality live content, advertising with IC247 works!


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