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IC247 stream live events online as part of general marketing campaigns for a wide variety of cultural, educational, ethical, musical, artistic non-profit partners including:

Video streaming by Ustream

The Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich – TonhalleLATE classical meets electronic, TonhalleEARLY music education
David Zinman Music – concerts, music education, conducting masterclasses, corporate/classical integration
Graziella Contratto Music – concerts, music education, conducting masterclasses, corporate/classical integration
The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment – concerts, music education, masterclasses, corporate/classical integration
The Manchester Camerata – concerts, music education
Davos Festival, young artists in concert workshops and concerts
ZHdK (Music highschool) Zurich masterclasses
HKB (Music highschool Bern) masterclasses, online music education

These international institutions and people have a world-wide following and fan base of others who enjoy the real time online integration and access to what would normally be impossible for them to reach – (typical example, instrument masterclasses from Zurich to students in Japan and the US live online). Concerts, interviews, events and lessons are broadcast live, with real time audio and multi-camera visuals, on featured online live stream shows and are viewable to all online free of charge.

Featured partner streaming and social media patforms include:

ALL live events are connnected real time to:
Live chat

and highlight video taster edits are then shared on all the top viral video sharing platforms including:


You and your organisation can now take an active (as well as interactive) part in this real time, educational online movement by becoming a stream sponsor partner.

As well as the usual benefits of advertising, with the tens of thousands of live viewers and clicks to websites in your portfolio and banners, videos, live interviews and post stream promotion including thanks and your branding shown all over online, you as a live stream event sponsor partner receive the extra positives of:

Possible tax relief for your support (most IC247 clients/partners are non profit organisations)
Expenses paid trips for live stream events (Tickets and accommodation for schools and festivals in Switzerland, France and Germany, orchestras throughout UK, Switzerland, Europe and the US)
Behind the scenes live stream tour (includes meeting the organisers, musicians, teachers and students and getting to grips with the streaming equipment)
Possible supported parrallel projects (life, team and management skills courses – conducting orchestra roles, learning how an orchestra functions, organising festivals)
Copy of event for your records (subject to stringent copyright rules)



For example live stream events and to see viewer statistics click the links below and use the contact details on this page to arrange with IC247 a more detailed tour of live stream event sponsoring.

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