Family concert live stream

Family concert live stream with Linard Bardill and the english version of the Rose of Jericho.

Linard Bardill will be performing his wonderful Fairy Tale – The Rose of Jericho for the first time – in ENGLISH. This is the award winning story about a young prince sent out into the world by his father the king to find the strongest force possible. Linard Bardill tells the story of a thrilling emotional encounter with the 4 elements of fire, water, air and earth. The Rose of Jericho is definitely a welcome opportunity to brin…g children closer to intruments, as well as allow them to feel the power of music.

Rose of jericho Bardill

This will be at the GEMEINDESAAL IN ZUMIKON near ZURICH on SATURDAY 20 NOVEMBER at 5 in the afternoon. You can park easily there or take the FORCHBAHN to ZUMIKON. This will be a unique experience to meet Linard and listen to his enchanting stories accompanied by 5 musicians from the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich and other ensembles in Switzerland. Tickets are CHF 10 for kids and CHF 20 for adults. For tickets or any other information call +41 (0)79 234 82 69 or email Linard direct.

To the live stream – click here (opens in new window)

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