Ynight – Dark Soul

Ynight – The Dark Soul
11. April 2013, 21:00
Live from BLOK Club, Zürich

Grammy Award Nomminee Andreas Scholl and pianist Tamar Halperin invite us to “The Dark Soul” in this spectacular Ynight – Classical in Club, with infinitely melancholical pieces by English Renaissance composer John Dowland, equally heart breaking pop songs and in between dark songs of the Decca release “Wanderer”. Andreas’ counter tenor voice and the deep basses of Hula Honeys DJ Soult promise a very seductive sound blend.

Music by: John Dowland, Henry Purcell, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Idan Raichel, Andreas Scholl, Tamar Halperin, Sasha Argov and Billy Joel.

With: Andreas Scholl (Countertenor), Tamar Halperin (Piano) and YbandZürich: Etienne Abelin (Violin), Andreas Fleck (Cello). DJ Soult (Hula Honeys), VJ Jonas Mettler of Aaawesome Colors.

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