Social media

socialmedia-buttonsSocial media networking Reach millions of potential new customers with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Almost everyone who knows a little about the internet has a social network account. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, MSN Live or Google´s Plus, as a business you need to have a presence there. Check out the IC247 activities on the following social network platforms:

  • Facebook account set up. Group and Fan page created. Other groups joined. Bulletins posted. Events listed. Videos posted, Images posted etc etc. Connected with Twitter and Youtube, Ustream, Payvment (for selling products) etc.
  • Youtube set up with your own channel. Connected with the main website, Facebook, Twitter and the Blogs. Record interviews, speeches, make regular Video Blogs and post these on your official Youtube channel. Edit HTML on the Youtube page too for your own corporate image!
  • Twitter account set. Connected with Website, Youtube, Facebook and the Blogs. Tweets posted and other industry-related people followed. Tailored to your corporate image.
  • Blogs set up and maintained (see Blogging and factual articles).
  • Social Bookmark accounts set up and your website links added. We have a tool for this with over 225 links which we would add to your website so that new website visitors can automatically add your site to their own social bookmark account with a click of a button. We also open you your own new accounts and add links to these accounts. As there are so many we usually recommend that this is done over a 3 month period, so that you have a constant stream of new back links from these social network accounts. They can then be used for back links to ALL your other online work.
  • Google Plus. See Google Aplications.
  • Other social network groups and communities (, etc).
  • (or other – there are lots to choose from) account set up for live streaming.
  • Podcast recordings posted (just simple audio of interviews, speeches etc).

Blogging and factual articles Blogging (Web Logs) A more personal side to your business online Blogging is there for anyone who wants to say something online. We use Blogs as a chance for our clients to show a more personal side to what they do. Blogs are also great for back links, as you control the content and can link to where you want from your posts. Nowadays most businesses have a Blog and they fill their posts with personal views of products, services, guest posts from their own clients, colleagues and contacts and with images and videos. Factual internet articles Increase your internet presence and professional reputation across the board As with Blogs, factual articles are an important part of SEM (search engine marketing) and allow the poster to link to external websites and to post informative and factual information to a wider audience. When one posts these articles one receives a share of the main websites traffic, as well as increasing PageRank (link to Wikipedia on PageRank) to websites you link to and they show that you really know your stuff! Here are a few tips we use everyday at IC247:

  • Wikipedia posts (strictly factual articles and NO advertising!)
  • Wiki How to´s
  • Product comparison websites
  • E-Zines (Electronic magazines)
  • Forums and internet groups
  • Question and answer posts