Google applications

google adwords with ic247Benefit from using Google Apps. Tried and trusted internet marketing tools for success in Google. Contact us for further details about getting connected to a range of Google tools.

  • Google Analytics: Monitor traffic on the website; see what is working, where visitors are coming from, how they found the site
  • Google Webmaster tools: See how Google indexes the website, check mistakes, see all incoming/outgoing links
  • Google Plus: Google´s social network tool. Connected Real Time to your Google profile and all the other tools.
  • Picasaweb: Add images from the gallery, get images indexed in Google Image Search, get slide-shows for other internet promotion
  • Google Maps: Make your own Google world, use on contact page for directions (add locations for all past events, friends and contacts)
  • Google Places: Get listed officially on the business lists on Google Maps and show in these searches. Also add much more content like videos, images etc.
  • Google Sites: Build a Google mini website, hosted FOC from Google and have yet another back link with content you control.
  • Blogger Blogspot: See Blogs
  • Google Adwords: PPC (Pay per click), setting budgets for keywords, clicks (Contact us about our range of PPC campaign management offers with free vouchers)
  • Google Adsense: Earn money from adverts to other sites from your Blogs – you get paid per click from Google
  • Google Groups: Set up, start and join other industry related Google Groups.
  • Google Calender : Events listed with information and back links. Easy to integrate into any site or Blog for public or private use