Corporate live stream broadcasts

Benefit from our wealth of streaming experience in diverse stream scenarios and use the proven successful steps, the equipment and the promotion to get your firm and brand out there on an international scale.

live stream equipment ic247Corporate live streaming from IC247 includes:
  • Public or  private viewing (open URL or password protected login)
  • Multi-camera broadcast, streamed to address of your choice
  • Interactive live chat functionality
  • PRE stream promotion across the internet on websites, Blogs, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google search) with live stream player, chat and social stream embedded and stream event promoted. Particularly effective for press conferences and new product launches.
  • IN stream promotion with member of marketing department controlling live chat interaction, banner adverts, “in the interval” videos and music, Twitter and Facebook chat.
  • POST stream interactive videos (with banner links to web pages), documentational videos, excerpt promotional cuts.
  • Featured live streams and video excerpts on
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